GB Powerlifting

Online Coaching

Online coaching can be as effective as having face-to-face personal training sessions in a gym. Your programme will be tailored to your specific goals, requirements and lifestyle to ensure you can lift heavy, get strong and feel great on your terms!
  • A personalised and unique training programme based around your specific goals and needs whilst also ensuring your experience, equipment and daily life schedule are taken into account giving you the flexible training that you need.
  • Monthly video conference catch ups.
  • Weekly communication and regular feedback on training via email or whatsapp to review technique, adjust where necessary as well as conversations around fatigue, appropriateness of difficulty and well-being.
  • Daily support is available if you need it, in case something unexpected crops up or you can’t wait until the weekly check-in or you are just having one of those days and you need to talk about your session!
  • Mobility and warm up work to ensure you are training safely and efficiently.
Step 1 - Get in touch
Drop me a message via the contact link and tell me a bit about yourself such as how you came to the website, where you are currently at with training and what you would like to achieve.
Step 2 - I'll be in touch
I will then contact you to arrange an appropriate time to have a relaxed, friendly, no obligation conversation via video conferencing where you can get to know me and tell me about your aspirations, experience, concerns, hopes and dreams!
Step 3 - Your Plan
I will put together the most appropriate training plan for your needs.
Step 4 - You start your journey
You will get weekly feedback on your training to assess form, technique, progress, concerns, adjustments or just a chat about how great you feel doing it! These check-ins will keep you accountable and also offer a chance to talk about any adjustments that may be needed.
Step 5 - Celebrate!
Celebrate progress and achievement - high fives all around!