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Hi, I’m Georgina, also known as G, pleased to meet you and welcome to GB Powerlifting.

 So my story isn’t much different to a lot of people’s…it’s a familiar story; being overweight but not really doing anything about it until THAT photo…you know what I’m talking about.

That moment happened for me in 2014 and shocked me into changing my diet and then joining a gym. I went from doing every HIIT class available to lifting some weights and training in a body building style, losing 3.5 stone of bodyweight in the process.

But, I became disillusioned by the huge focus on how you look when it came to the bodybuilding style of training and I lost heart, feeling that a perfect physique was out of reach for me but I wanted to be strong and feel healthy. I soon realised I was looking at it all wrong.

 I got a great feeling from lifting weights but I wasn’t enjoying the process. It took a good friend to point out what I was looking for….Powerlifting! I haven’t looked back and have since competed in bench press meets and qualified as a Powerlifting coach.

I absolutely fell in love with lifting heavy and the feeling of accomplishment and elation I get from pushing my limits and exceeding my goals. That’s what it’s all about, not what you look like in a tight little onesie (otherwise known as a singlet) but what you can do when you step up to the bar.

Be the best version of yourself and above all, feel great.

Powerlifting isn’t just for competing, the training can support you to achieve your own strength goals, whatever they are and I can help you. When you feel the overwhelming sense of strength and achievement as you smash your targets in training, you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!   I know I did!

Lift heavy, feel great, get strong!

I can’t wait to meet you.


Georgina Burton posing



  • Regional 84kg Senior Bench Press – Medallist


Level 1 Powerlifting Coach
UKAD Drug Advisor

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