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Welcome to Women's Powerlifting!

Get stronger and more powerful, whilst supporting a healthy mind and body through lifting weights.

Find out how Powerlifting can do so much more for you than just training, no matter what your goals are girls, there is something in powerlifting that can help you to achieve them and GB Powerlifting has always got your back!

There are no entry requirements, no unrealistic expectations, you can do this for personal goals or aim for competition meets, never lifted a weight or disillusioned gym regular, all you have to do is WANT IT!

I know you do. Why wouldn’t you want to be strong, confident and healthy whilst also looking like a badass? You can also add to that a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement knowing YOU CAN!

Have a look around the place, meet me, Georgina, the founder of GB Powerlifting and find out what powerlifting is all about, the massive benefits from training with weights and so much more. I can help you with your goals whatever they are and I truly believe you are going to LOVE IT

Be fierce, be brave and be who you want to be.

‘The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her because she carries her own’.

What our Clients say..

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G herself is very relatable and encouraging and always gives quality feedback with creative and practical solutions to try and solve any problems with form.

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Testimonials – Kate

‘I have recently completed my first 4 week block of remote / virtual coaching with G and it is working out really well for me.

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